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Advanced functional materials: large scale synthesis of a new type of carbon nitride-c3n3

wallpapers Cruise 2020-07-27

carbon nitride polymer (PCN) is a kind of conjugated polymer material whose skeleton is composed of nitrogen carbon. It has broad application prospects in optoelectronic devices catalysis energy storage conversion environmental protection so on. It is a hot material in recent years. However most of the researches are limited to the modification application of C3N4 which was first invented abroad. The development of PCN with new structure can not only establish China's independent intellectual property rights from the source but also provide a basic platform for the research of various new physical chemical properties like graphene.

the research group of Liming professor of Hubei University synthesized c3n3 on copper sheet with cheap cyanuric chloride as raw material in non vacuum solvent-free condition. When the current density was 10 Ma cm-2 the over potential of c3n3 was 306 MV vs rhe in the dark it decreased to 256 MV vs rhe in the light. The current density was 2.3 Ma cm-2 at 0 V vs rhe. This is stronger than most noble metal free catalysts. This breakthrough work not only enriches the PCN family but also opens the door for the synthesis of other similar two-dimensional conjugated polymers with C-C bond by Ullmann polymerization. Like graphene C3N4 the c3n3 may have wide application prospects in optoelectronics energy environmental protection other fields.

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