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Advanced functional materials: microwave induced temperature gradient for rapid synthesis of few layer graphene films

wallpapers Cruise 2020-08-31

carbon is one of the most attractive elements in nature which is closely related to human survival life. Carbon atoms can be hybridized in different ways to form carbon isomers with different structures properties. The discovery of fullerene carbon nanotubes graphene has greatly promoted the development of basic science application research in the field of carbon nanomaterials. At the same time scientists continue to explore new carbon isomers graphene came into being in this context. As a new type of two-dimensional carbon material graphene has special structure excellent physical chemical properties which has important application prospects in the fields of electronics energy catalysis. The controllable synthesis of few or even single-layer graphene film is the premise of its intrinsic properties research application exploration which is still facing great challenges.

by Zhang Jin academician of School of chemistry molecular engineering Peking University a few layer graphene film with thickness of 1-2 nm was successfully synthesized at the solid-liquid interface by microwave induced temperature gradient method. In the conventional synthesis method it is difficult to keep the monomer stable in the reaction system with high temperature but the coupling reaction efficiency is low in the reaction system with low temperature. Therefore how to improve the monomer stability reaction efficiency is the key to the synthesis of high quality graphene films. For this reason they chose the solid material absorbing microwave as the reaction substrate used the liquid-phase dispersion monomer not absorbing microwave to selectively heat the solid to the reaction temperature through microwave induction while the liquid phase remained at a lower temperature forming a temperature gradient so that the monomer could remain stable in the liquid phase diffuse to the solid-liquid interface for coupling reaction. Using this method they successfully prepared high-quality graphene thin films with a thickness of 1-2 nm. The high-resolution images of graphene (110) surface were observed by high-resolution transmission electron microscope. Raman spectroscopy X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy confirmed the structure composition of graphene. Using the obtained graphene films they also fabricated FET devices. The measured mobility at room temperature is 50.1 cm2 · V-1 · s-1 the graphene shows the characteristics of p-type semiconductor. The researchers of

believe that this research will provide a new idea for the synthesis of graphene alkyne thin films this method can also be extended to the wet chemical synthesis of other two-dimensional materials.

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