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Advanced materials: high and low temperature in situ characterization of reconstructed catalyst and performance evaluation of alkaline electrolyzed water

wallpapers Cruise 2020-12-04
The slow kinetic oxygen evolution reaction (OER) of

in alkaline electrolyzed water is the bottleneck restricting the overall efficiency of electrolyzed water devices. It is urgent to develop cheap catalysts with high activity good stability. Although some progress has been made in the design of efficient stable oer catalysts their catalytic mechanism performance evaluation are mostly carried out at room temperature which is different from that of industrial alkaline electrolyzed water (generally at 50-80 ℃). Considering that most of the non noble metal based oxygen evolution catalysts are reconstructed at oxidation potential it is of great significance to study the reconstruction chemistry performance evaluation of the catalysts under industrial parameters.

Professor Mai Liqiang Professor Wu Jinsong of Wuhan University of science technology Dr. Ni Kun of China University of science technology have compared the results of catalyst reconstruction at room temperature industrial temperature before oxygen evolution. It is found that the oer overpotential of nickel molybdate pre catalyst at higher temperature (> 30 ℃) decreases significantly when it returns to normal temperature which indicates that high temperature promotes the formation of more catalytic active phases. The pre catalyst with only surface reconstruction at normal temperature may have deep reconstruction or even complete reconstruction under industrial parameters. The relationship between the degree of reconstruction the microstructure of reconstruction layer is found Based on the study of the reconstruction sequence it is found that the etching oxidation reconstruction is the key step in the formation of ultra-small nano inner junction structure. Combined with the in-situ high low temperature Raman characterization the real catalytic species of thermally induced reconstruction catalyst are revealed the mechanism of thermally induced total reconstruction the enhancement of oer by grain boundary oxygen vacancies are proposed The importance of evaluating catalytic performance revealing catalytic mechanism under industrial parameters was emphasized.

this work takes temperature as an example to study the reconstruction behavior difference performance evaluation of catalysts under conventional test parameters industrial parameters which can promote the rational design of catalysts intrinsic catalytic mechanism practical application.

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