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Advanced optical materials: on chip integrated nano energy devices -- selective excitation of quantum emitters controlled by nano optical switches

wallpapers Cruise 2020-08-05
The emergence development of

integrated nano optical / thermal devices provide new possibilities for micro nano scale energy transport near-field thermal radiation control advanced energy technology so on. Sub wavelength surface plasmon micro / nano structures can compress light or thermal radiation waves in nanoscale space which greatly enhances the interaction between light matter improves the near-field energy transmission efficiency. Quantum emitter is the core device in the field of quantum communication quantum computing so on. The integration of nano photonic chip quantum emitter based on the flexible control performance of micro nano optical structure can actively control energetic devices in micro nano scale provide a new idea for the development of complex multi-functional integrated quantum optical chip. The spin orbit coupling of

is initially a basic effect to describe the dynamics of electrons in condensed matter physics. In recent years some researchers have proposed the spin orbit coupling effect of photons especially in the nanoscale which can be further enhanced by the appearance of surface plasmons. It has been found that by designing metal nanostructures such as spheres the corresponding correlation between the bending of photon trajectories the left-right circular polarization of incident light can be realized in the infrared b. However there is still a lack of special structure to realize directional coupling of different polarized light in the visible light b how to integrate the quantum emitter into the corresponding nano optical loop is also a technical problem to be solved.

Professor Zhao Changying of Shanghai Jiaotong University his collaborators have designed on-chip integrated nano energy devices based on the spin orbit coupling of photons: they can selectively excite two quantum emitters with a distance of 10 μ m in a composite micro nano system. Based on the dielectric loaded surface plasmon structure a coupler for 532 nm wavelength is designed. The coupler can directionally couple the left right circularly polarized incident light into the corresponding waveguide branch. The theoretical experimental results show that the intensity contrast between the two sides can reach more than 30 times. At the same time the dielectric loaded composite waveguide structure makes the coupled surface plasmon have a long transmission distance. Furthermore due to the top-down processing of the structure it is possible to precisely integrate the quantum emitter (nano diamond with nitrogen vacancy Center). Two quantum emitters with a distance of 10 μ m are precisely integrated at the end of 2 μ m from the two branches of the waveguide. The experimental results confirm the selective excitation control of the left-right rotation incident light on the quantum emitter. The design plays the role of nano optical switch which has important application value for future micro nano thermal radiation system nano optical chip.

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