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Advanced optical materials: optical sensing based on low refractive index contrast medium lattice on metal mirror

wallpapers Cruise 2020-08-10

surface plasmon sensing technology based on metal nanostructures has broad development space in biochemical sensing health detection other fields due to its advantages of high sensitivity easy integration. However the inherent light field energy consumption of metal surface electron oscillation is always a bottleneck. Nanostructures of high refractive index media can solve the problem of serious absorption loss but most of the light field energy is limited in the high refractive index medium so it only shows relatively low sensitivity.

the team of optical electromagnetic wave research center of South China Normal University proposed to realize high sensitivity optical refractive index sensing by using dielectric nano column array on plane metal mirror. The team used reactive ion etching combined with soft lithography to prepare titanium dioxide dielectric nanopillar arrays which showed a variety of refractive index sensing indicators in water organic environment comparable to the surface plasmon structure. The metal dielectric composite structure has two different resonance modes: one is from the surface lattice resonance the light field is localized at the top of the dielectric column the blank area between the dielectric columns with a high quality factor (Q > 300) fom (figure of merit =In the other mode the light field is localized at the bottom of the dielectric column has high surface sensitivity. The two modes can take into account the sensitivity of volume refractive index sensor the sensitivity of surface sensor the detection limit. Medium / low refractive index media exist widely in visible near-infrared b can obtain very low absorption loss. This work is expected to inspire the research of nano scale local field enhancement using medium / low refractive index transparent materials.

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