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Professional knowledge of SKF bearings

wallpapers Cruise 2021-01-20
While maintaining a leading position in the global bearing industry, SKF has been working tirelessly to develop technologies, products, and services in multiple fields over the years and has developed into a bearing company that is truly dominated by supply solutions, creating greater value for users. These solutions can help users improve their overall production capacity. In addition to innovative SKF bearing products through special applications, there are also cutting-edge simulation systems, consulting services, equipment efficiency services, and the most advanced supply management technology in the bearing industry. SKF still marks the highest quality rolling bearings.
Product quality
SKF Bearing Explorer series bearings have a higher rated load, lower noise, greatly reduce warranty costs, increase machine running time, and other advantages. Regardless of whether it is a rolling SKF bearing or a sliding SKF imported bearing, although their working principles are different, their functions are the same, both of which are to reduce the friction coefficient of the mechanical load generated in the process of mechanical power transmission and to support the rotating body of the machine. The quality and development of SKF bearings are of great significance to the development of the country's automobile industry.
SKF bearing classification
SKF bearing is a kind of precision component, which is widely used in various fields. It is divided into many types according to structure or type. The most common classification, according to friction properties, is rolling bearing and sliding bearing. The two are also different. Obviously, rolling bearings have lower frictional resistance than sliding bearings and are quick to start, and have high efficiency. This is the biggest advantage of rolling bearings compared to sliding bearings. But there are also disadvantages, that is, the size is large, and therefore the shock absorption ability is weak, the life is short when running at high speed, and the long-term use will also make a larger abnormal noise. There is another essential difference between SKF rolling bearings and sliding bearings; that is, rolling bearings are in surface contact while sliding bearings are in point contact. 

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