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Small: asymmetric matchstick nanostructures with piezoelectric optoelectronic effect enhance high voltage electro photocatalytic performance

wallpapers Cruise 2020-10-14
In the application of

in photocatalysis it is an effective way to improve the efficiency of solar energy absorption conversion promote the generation rapid separation of photogenerated electrons holes in photocatalyst. Piezoelectric optoelectronic effect uses piezoelectric electric field to modulate the separation transport recombination of carriers in the photoelectric process which has been proved to be an effective method to build built-in electric field to improve photocatalysis. In application it is a problem to design reasonable efficient catalyst structure with piezoelectric optoelectronic effect.

under the guidance of researcher Li Linlin Academician Wang Zhonglin Xiang Deli Liu Zhirong of Li Linlin research group of Beijing Institute of nano energy systems Chinese Academy of Sciences have prepared Au ZnO nanorod arrays with asymmetric structure as catalysts. Au nanoparticles are only distributed on the top of ZnO nanorods. The asymmetric structure can improve the light utilization promote the directional separation of photogenerated carriers through Au ZnO Schottky junction structure. More importantly the piezoelectric potential of ZnO under mechanical stress can promote the generation directional separation of carriers reduce the Schottky barrier height improve the injection efficiency of hot electrons from metal to semiconductor. When applied to dye degradation the combined effect of light ultrasonic stress increases the catalytic efficiency from 62% to 95% which is significantly higher than that of symmetrical Au ZnO nanorod arrays. This work provides a new strategy for efficient carrier transport separation.

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