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Small methods: intelligent MnO2 nano platform for tumor diagnosis and treatment

wallpapers Cruise 2020-12-06
In recent years MnO2 nanomaterials have attracted much attention in the fields of biological detection tumor imaging drug / gene delivery tumor therapy due to their fluorescence quenching glutathione consumption self oxygenation Fenton like effect glucose oxidase like activity. Professor Zhao Qiang academician Huang Wei of Nanjing University of Posts Telecommunications systematically comprehensively summarized the research progress of MnO2 nanomaterials for tumor diagnosis treatment mainly including controllable preparation of MnO2 nanostructure units surface targeted modification biosafety evaluation multimodal tumor imaging multimodal combined therapy collaborative therapy mechanism etc. At the same time the author elaborated the construction strategy of "all in one" nano diagnosis treatment platform discussed prospected its challenges development prospects.

this review mainly includes the following contents: (1) preparation of MnO2 nanostructure units including nanoparticles nanosheets nanotubes hollow / honeycomb nanospheres flower like nanospheres etc. (2) The construction of MnO2 nano platform the assembly methods of nanocomposites such as in-situ growth chemical bond coupling coordination chelation physical adsorption electrostatic self-assembly are described in detail so as to achieve synergistic effect. (3) Based on the biological effect of MnO2 nano platform tumor targeted aggregation strategy although manganese is an important cofactor involved in many enzymes in bone development energy metabolism blood coagulation the toxicity of excessive Mn on the nervous system can not be ignored. In addition this part also elaborates the surface modification strategy of MnO2 nano platform to achieve "invisible sticky" high biocompatibility It has the characteristics of specificity tumor targeting enrichment. (4) The working mechanism of MnO2 nano platform in tumor diagnosis treatment is summarized in detail. Tumor diagnosis methods include magnetic resonance imaging fluorescence imaging photoacoustic imaging ultrasound imaging multimodal imaging. Tumor treatment methods include chemotherapy radiotherapy photodynamic therapy photothermal therapy chemodynamic therapy gene therapy starvation therapy immunotherapy combination therapy Combined treatment etc. (5) This paper focuses on the construction strategy of "all in one" nano treatment platform for efficient tumor treatment which uses multimodal imaging to guide combined treatment improve treatment efficiency achieve precise collaborative treatment overcome the problems of drug resistance local recurrence metastasis of tumor. Finally the challenges development prospects of MnO2 based "all in one" nano platform are discussed such as large-scale preparation of building units potential biological toxicity tumor enrichment efficiency the realization of synergistic effect. This review has important guidance reference significance for the rational design further clinical application of "all in one" nano diagnosis treatment platform based on MnO2 in the future.

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