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Small methods: synthesis of high crystallinity Cu2O hollow nanoboxes by self templating method

wallpapers Cruise 2020-09-20

hollow nanostructures have a wide range of applications excellent properties in the field of catalysis. In recent years a major problem in the field of hollow materials is how to construct fine hollow structures in the complex chemical environment of the hollowing process. Compared with simple spherical hollow structure polycrystalline hollow structure hollow nanostructures with regular polyhedral shape high crystallinity often show more unique properties which can be used as an ideal model to study the relationship between morphology exposed crystal surface catalytic performance. However the smaller polyhedral structure will lead to significant strain higher surface energy the chemical properties of non precious metals are not stable enough which makes it difficult to control the size of non precious metal materials with the above hollow structure below 100 nm. To a certain extent the systematic study of hollow structure the further application of non precious metal materials are limited.

Chen Chen Department of chemistry Tsinghua University Chen Zheng Anhui Normal University their research team reported an optimized self template synthesis method. Hollow Cu2O nanocapsules with small size regular shape high crystallinity were prepared for the first time. They were used to catalyze the self coupling reaction of phenylacetylene obtained excellent catalytic performance. Through the systematic characterization the study of the evolution process of the hollow nano box structure they found that the fine control of the heating process the solution composition can reduce the decrease of the crystallinity the morphology degradation of the precursor during the hollowing process. This study enriches the preparation methods of non noble metal hollow structures deepens the understing of the influence of reaction conditions on the precise synthesis. Related work is published in small methods

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