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Two dimensional palladium based nanosheets with crystalline @ amorphous core-shell structure for efficient catalytic oxidation of ethanol

wallpapers Cruise 2020-10-13

phase engineering of nanomaterials (pen) namely the phase control of nanomaterials is an important means to realize the physical chemical properties function control of materials. At present for the phase control of nanomaterials with heterogeneous or heterogeneous structure most of the research work is still focused on the heterogeneous or heterogeneous materials with crystalline / crystalline structure. As another important branch heterogeneous or heterogeneous materials with crystalline / amorphous structure have attracted more more attention in recent years due to their special structure significantly improved catalytic performance. Therefore the construction of crystalline / amorphous heterogeneous structure with the same chemical composition is of great significance for the development of novel efficient nano catalysts.

recently Professor Zhang Hua Department of chemistry City University of Hong Kong reported a new type of PD-P binary Pd-Ni-P ternary nanosheets with crystalline phase @ amorphous core-shell structure. The results show that the PD-P binary nanosheets (named as PD-P) can be obtained by using cu3 - χ P nanosheets as template through the cation exchange synthesis strategy c-Pd-P@a-Pd-P )A series of characterizations confirmed the results c-Pd-P@a-Pd-P It has crystalline core amorphous shell. It is worth mentioning that the crystalline phase @ amorphous heterophase structure shows high stability. After 17 months of storage at room temperature atmospheric pressure the crystalline phase @ amorphous heterophase structure is stable c-Pd-P@a-Pd-P There is no obvious change of crystal phase structure. In addition the c-Pd-P@a-Pd-P It can also be used as a template for further reaction to obtain Pd-Ni-P ternary nanosheets (named Pd-Ni-P) c-Pd-Ni-P@a-Pd-Ni-P ) obtained c-Pd-Ni-P@a-Pd-Ni-P It has a similar crystalline phase @ amorphous core-shell structure. At the same time the study found that c-Pd-Ni-P@a-Pd-Ni-P The content of Ni can also be controlled by controlling the reaction temperature. The obtained @ amorphous nanosheets were used as catalysts in the electrocatalytic oxidation of ethanol c-Pd-Ni-P@a-Pd-Ni-P (Ni content is 9.47 at%) compared with the control group c-Pd-P@a-Pd-P And commercial Pd / C showed better catalytic activity. The researchers of

believe that this research will provide a new idea for the construction of other novel core-shell nanocomposites with special phases can also be effectively applied to the development performance control of new efficient nano catalysts. This work will also contribute to the research of nano material phase engineering (pen) consolidate its experimental foundation. Research on

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