A Brief History Of The Discovery Of Telluride

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Telluride is a compound of tellurium and metal or non-metal. For example, the representative of telluride with non-metal is hydrogen telluride, which is a colorless, odorous toxic gas; metal telluride has copper telluride, which is difficult Dissolved in water.
It was discovered by German mineralogist F.J.Müller von Reichenstein while studying German gold ore in 1782. In 1782, the supervisor of a mine in Vienna, the capital of Austria, extracted tellurium from this ore. It was initially mistaken for antimony, but it was later discovered that its properties were different from antimony, so it was determined to be a new metal element. In order to obtain confirmation from others, Muller sent a few samples to Bergman, a Swedish chemist, for identification. Due to the small number of samples, Bergman can only prove that it is not antimony.
It was discovered in Sibiu, Romania by Franz Joseph Müller von Reichenstein in 1783. He was piqued by the ore from a mine near Zalatna. It has a metallic luster and he speculated that it is native antimony or bismuth (gold telluride, AuTe2.). Preliminary studies have proved that it contains neither antimony nor antimony. Does not contain bismuth. Müller studied the ore and proved that it contained a new element. He published his findings in an unfamous magazine, but was ignored by the scientific community at the time.

In 1789, Hungarian scientist Paul Kitaibel gave him some, and Paul Kitaibel independently discovered it.
In 1796, he sent a sample to Martin Klaproth in Berlin to prove his discovery. Klaproth produced pure samples and decided to call it tellurium. Quite strangely, this is not the first tellurium sample ever passed by him.
Muller’s discovery was ignored for 16 years. On January 25, 1798, Kraprot read a paper on the gold mines of Transylvania at the Berlin Academy of Sciences. He brought up this forgotten element again. . He dissolved this ore in aqua regia, and partially precipitated the solution with excess alkali to remove gold and iron. This new element was found in the precipitate, named tellurium, and the element symbol was Te. The word comes from the Latin tellus.

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