Aerogel is a kind of synthetic porous ultralight material derived from the gel

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About Aerogel
Aerogel is a kind of synthetic porous ultralight material derived from the gel. The liquid component of the gel is replaced by gas, and the gel structure does not collapse significantly. The result is solid with very low density and very low thermal conductivity. Nicknames include frozen smoke, solid smoke, solid air, solid cloud, and blue smoke due to its translucent nature and the way light scatters through the material. Silicon aerogels feel like brittle expanded polystyrene, while some polymer aerogels feel like hard foam. Aerogels can be made from a variety of compounds.
Aerogel was first invented in 1931 by Samuel Stephens Kistler as the result of a bet with Charles that he knew who could replace the liquid in the "gel" with gas without causing contraction.
Aerogel is a kind of nanoparticle porous solid material formed by the sol-gel method in which gas replaces the liquid phase in the gel by a certain drying method. Such as gelatin, gum acacia, silicone, hair, nails and so on. Aerogel also has the properties of gel, that is, expansion, thixotropy and disseizing.
Aerogel is a solid form of material, the least dense solid in the world. The density is 3 kilograms per cubic meter. Generally speaking, the common aerogels are silicon aerogels. There are many kinds of aerogels, including silicon, carbon, sulfur, metal oxide, metal and so on." Aerogel" is a combination of the word "aero", which means flying, and "gel".It literally means a gel that can fly. The gel of any substance can be called aerogel as long as it can basically keep its shape unchanged after removing the internal solvent after drying, and the product has high porosity and low density.
Application of silicon aerogels
The thin nanonetwork structure of silicon aerogels effectively limits the propagation of local thermal excitation, and its solid thermal conductivity is 2 -- 3 orders of magnitude lower than that of the corresponding glassy materials. The nano-pore inhibits the contribution of gas molecules to heat conduction. With an index of refraction close to l and an annihilation coefficient ratio of more than 100 between infrared and visible light, silicon aerogel can effectively penetrate sunlight and prevent infrared thermal radiation of ambient temperature. It has become an ideal transparent insulation material and has been applied in solar energy utilization and building energy conservation. By doing, the radiation and heat conduction of silicon aerogel can be further reduced. At room temperature and pressure, the thermal conductivity of carbon-doped aerogel can be as low as 0.013 W /m·K, which is the solid material with the lowest thermal conductivity. It is expected to replace polyurethane foam as a new refrigerator insulation material. The silicon aerogel can be used as a new high-temperature insulation material by adding titanium dioxide. The thermal conductivity at 800K is only 0.03 W /m·K, and it will be further developed as a new material for military equipment.
Research fields of silicon aerogels
In the study of fractal structure. Silica aerogels as a kind of controllable nanoporous structure, its performance density obviously depends on the size scale, within the scope of a certain scale, its density tends to have scale invariance, namely the density with the increase of the scale to drop, and with self-similar structure, in aerogel fractal structure dynamics research of structure also shows that, within the scope of different scales, There are three excitation regions with obviously different dispersion relations, which correspond to the excitation of phonon, fractal and particle mode respectively. By changing the preparation conditions of aerogels, the correlation length of aerogels can be changed in the range of two orders of magnitude. Therefore, silicon aerogel has become the best material for studying the fractal structure and its dynamic behavior.
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