Not only the pyramids but the new capital of Egypt

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  Speaking of Egypt, people must think of mysterious things like pyramids and mummy. As one of the four ancient civilizations, what kind of magical place is ancient Egypt full of halo? Please listen to historian and Ph.D. in Egyptology at Johns Hopkins University in the United States to tell you about the real ancient Egypt.

  Is what we call civilization a fixed thing? We have no way to cut off the flow of time. We cannot say that before a specific time, the living culture of Egypt was regarded as the ancient Egyptian civilization, and then there was another thing. Civilization is a process of continuous transformation, precipitation, and regeneration.

  Those who have been to Egypt will be impressed by the grandeur of the pyramids. The Khufu Pyramid is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza pyramid complex. It is one of the seven ancient architectural wonders in the world, and the only one that remains intact, attracting a large number of tourists every day.

  The pyramids of ancient Egypt are shocking, and the development of the modern construction industry is also changing the original people's living concept.

  The Egyptian real estate industry is the only industry that has remained stable for the past four years. Egypt's population has reached 100 million (2018) and will continue to grow. Also, in recent years, Egypt's political and business environment has maintained a stable development trend, and the local economy has recovered rapidly, which has also attracted the attention of many overseas investors.

  The increase in the domestic population and the increase in overseas investment have led to a significant increase in demand for local residential and office buildings in Egypt. Also, Egypt's tourism industry is recovering, and the number of foreign tourists is gradually increasing. At the same time that Egypt's tourism industry is ushering in spring, the construction of local hotels and shopping malls is also growing.

  Moreover, on March 13, 2015, the Egyptian Ministry of Housing announced at the Egyptian Economic Development Conference that Egypt would start the construction of a new capital project. The new capital is planned to cover an area of ​​700 square kilometers and will accommodate 5-7 million permanent residents. Among them, the government will directly invest the US $ 323 million in construction costs. It is estimated that 3.5 million units of new dwellings will be built, and social investment will exceed the US $ 2.56 billion.


  At the same time, China signed a major strategic project with Egypt to build a new capital. Egypt's new capital project is expected to be completed in 2022. It covers an area of ​​700 square kilometers and can accommodate 5 million people. The investment amount for the first phase of the project is as high as 45 billion U.S. dollars.

  Egypt's new capital construction also introduced and borrowed from the world's advanced technologies such as prefabricated integrated buildings and 3D printing technology.

  There are also green energy-saving insulation technologies, such as foamed concrete.

  Not only is Egypt's new capital there, but also a large number of commercial districts and residential quarters. The new lightweight concrete foaming technology can be used to backfill road foundation pits in the construction of large cities in Egypt. The manufactured ClC wallboard blocks are applied to non-load-bearing walls and prefabricated buildings, which significantly speeds up the construction progress. Save production costs and improve the overall living experience of the house.

  There are more and more manufacturers of lightweight foam concrete blocks in Egypt. A production manager introduced to us that they all imported foaming cement production technology from Tongrun Company, supporting related equipment, formulas, admixtures, etc. A series of technical service guidance in the later period. Tongrun can provide them with foaming agents, foam stabilizers, water reducing agents, new strength anti-cracking agents, etc. for making lightweight foam concrete. It is very well known on their side.


 Egypt's development is so fast, thanks to Egypt's enlightened economic policies and the stimulus of domestic real estate projects in recent years. If you want to develop under this excellent development opportunity, foamed concrete wallboards, blocks, and insulation boards will be the right choice for you.

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