Preparation method of nano alumina

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The research of nano alumina has attracted considerable attention at home and abroad. Its preparation methods can be divided into a robust phase method, liquid phase method, and gas-phase method.

1. Solid-phase method

The use of a solid-phase method to prepare nanomaterials refers to a process of changing from a solid phase to a solid phase. The final powder and the original raw material can be the same substance or different substances. The solid-phase method can be divided into two categories: the top-down approach, which refers to the separation of larger particles into smaller particles by mechanical force or other forces. In this process, the powder particle size of the body is continuously decreasing. The other is the bottom-up approach, which refers to recombining the smallest unit (atoms or molecules) through diffusion, which is relatively slow.

2. Gas-phase method

The gas-phase method is a method that uses a certain way or directly uses the material to turn into a gas, react in the gas phase, and aggregate to form nanoparticles during the cooling process. The advantage of the gas phase method is that the reaction conditions are controllable, and nano alumina particles with smaller particle size and a lighter degree of agglomeration can be obtained by controlling the reaction gas and pressure. However, this method needs to react in the gas phase. Therefore, the raw materials must be wholly vaporized before the reaction occurs, which inevitably causes energy loss and waste. A large amount of inert gas is required during the preparation process, and the production efficiency is low. The method's equipment is relatively large and complicated, and the final powder is challenging to collect.
3. Liquid phase method

The liquid phase method is the wet chemical method, also known as the soft chemical method, widely used in scientific research and industrial production and is the most effective method for preparing nanomaterials. It is a series of chemical changes that occur in the solution to generate the product or the corresponding precursor directly, and the target product can be obtained in the subsequent process. Compared with the gas phase method and the robust phase method, the liquid phase method has the following advantages:

① Facilitate the uniform mixing of reactants and additives;
②It is convenient to control the chemical composition accurately;
③The shape of the product is exceptionally controllable in particle size;
④It is advantageous to add various trace active ingredients;
⑤ To facilitate the modification of samples;
⑥The production cost is low, which is convenient for industrialized production.

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