Robot Becomes a New Generation of Bearing Power

wallpapers Industry 2020-02-25
Recently, Eric Bearing Co., Ltd. has felt a "special worry": one customer calls after another, but it is always inseparable from a problem, that is, when can we deliver the goods? Now with the increasing demand for bearings, especially for the massive demand for precision rolling bearings and related lubricants and other derivatives, the capacity of ordinary factories is insufficient, and the era of robots replacing ordinary workers has long come.


Automobile welding, laser cutting, parts assembly, and so on. In recent years, robots are involved in more and more broad fields, and their application degree is more and more profound. The market demand for robot bearings is increasing year by year, which has given the enterprise a "red light" in production capacity.
The unique bearing of the industrial robot has an essential influence on the key performance indexes of the robot, such as running stability, repeated positioning accuracy, movement accuracy, and working reliability. It has the characteristics of high precision and complicated processing. It has always been a difficulty for bearing enterprises in various countries to research and develop.
The cross roller bearing is commonly used as the joint bearing in the industrial robot, which is the "fist product" of this enterprise. The head of the company said that the precision of the bearing products of the cooperative enterprise had reached the advanced super precision level P4, the research and development and production of cross roller bearings are in the leading position, and the market share of the products is among the best. Last year, the output value of the enterprise reached more than 30 million yuan, an increase of 20%. 

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