The Four Giants in The Field of Oil Addition Occupy 90% of The Market

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Lubricating oil is composed of two parts, base oil, and oil additives. On the base oil, many people can name several well-known companies. However, as one of the most critical factors affecting the performance of engine oil, I believe few people can It's clear. Therefore, this article will lead you to understand the four major additive companies currently occupying 90% of the global market. After the fierce market competition, the world has formed four major additives companies: Lubrizol, Infineum, Chevron Oronite, and Afton.
Occupying 90% of the share Lubrizol, the four giants in the field of oil additives was established in 1928, starting from research, development, production, and distribution of lubricant additives. Headquartered in Wickliffe, Ohio, USA, it is the world's largest lubricant additive company. Lubrizol produces almost all component additives and compounding agents for lubricants and fuels. It directly supplies 7,100 people worldwide. It has 38 subsidiaries and 21 manufacturing plants in 24 countries, and its products are sold in more than 100 countries.
Lubrizol lubricant additive products have a global market share of about 33%. The additive formulations developed by Lubrizol are used to modulate various transportation and industrial commodity lubricants, including gasoline and diesel engine oils, automatic transmission fluids, marine lubricants, and tractor lubricants. Oil, fuel oil, and industrial lubricants.
Infineum was formed by the merger of the additives divisions of ExxonMobile and Shell in 1999. It is the world's second-largest supplier of lubricant additives. The two companies before the merger had nearly 70 years of development history. Its business is not only concentrated in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Singapore, but in recent years, it has tended to develop globally.
The initial product was a pour point depressant. Since then, engine oil antioxidants and antiwear agents have been developed. In recent years, research and development have focused on ashless dispersants and metal cleaners. In the 1960s, Infineum began to get involved in fuel additives, especially in diesel fluidity improvers. Currently, Infineum's fuel additive development focuses on diesel lubricity additives.
Chevron Oronite
Chevron Oronite was founded in 1917. It is the third-largest lubricant additive manufacturer and supplier in the United States. It has muscular strength in compounding agents. Its main products are gasoline/diesel engine oil compounding agents, natural gas engine oil compounding agents, etc. Global business is divided into three regions: the United States, Asia Pacific, and EAME (Europe, Africa, and the Middle East). There are five technical centers around the world for R & D and testing of catalysts, oil additives, and other products.
Afton was founded in 2004 and was formerly known as Ethyl (Ethyl) Corporation, responsible for the original petroleum additives business. Afton's product line distribution is unique. Its vehicle oil additive production accounts for about 55% of the total output, driveline oil additives account for about 26%, and the rest is industrial oil or industrial engine oil additives. Shell and BP are Afton's two significant customers.
Take engine oil as an example, and additives will significantly affect its performance and service life. Therefore, although this field is not well known by many people, there is still a fierce competition in the humble additive field to promote the continuous development of this industry and bring us products with better performance.

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