What are the color metal oxides?

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What is a metal oxide colorant?
Dyes can be coarse metal oxides (such as iron oxide, chromium oxide), metal oxide-containing materials (such as rutile), or an outer layer smelted from metal oxides and stabilizers (stains). The same metal oxide can participate in many color systems.
What color is the metal oxide?
The original color of the metal oxide does not have the same fired color (different from the stain). Mixtures of different metal oxides usually produce the desired color (for example, the original color of metal oxides, tin makes white, but if the glaze is a chemical composition), their specific mixtures can produce pink and red). The correct metal oxide is mainly used for the purpose? Titanium dioxide.

What metal oxide is black?
The standard black oxide is red metal) (Fe3O4). Compared with oxide (rust) Fe2O3, it has higher mechanical stability on the surface and provides better corrosion protection. Including the high and medium temperatures described below Craft.

What are the four major components of stains?
The story consists of the main basic ingredients: composition process, solvents, solvents and additives. These ingredients all play a role in determining the quality of the coating and the performance after application.

What metal is used in the wound?
Whether the metal you want to paint is iron, aluminum or infiltrated, you need to leave all traces before painting. If you don't stick to it, the surface won't live. Aluminum and metal infiltration also require rough surface, bottom paint and scrubbing.

Can metal be used for disinfection?
Other substances include iron oxide (black, yellow and red), zinc oxide and carbon black. Powdered metals (such as zinc black) and some metal compounds (such as zinc phosphoric acid) have inhibitory properties.

Is rust a metal oxide?
Rust is a kind of iron oxide, usually red iron oxide, which is formed by the reaction of iron and oxygen under the catalysis of water or air. Rust is a common term for corrosion of elemental iron and alloys (such as steel).

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