World's largest industrial show postponed to summer due to epidemic

wallpapers Industry 2020-03-05

Germany officially announced that due to the increasingly tricky new crown epidemic situation in Europe, the Hannover Industrial Fair, the world's largest industrial exhibition initially scheduled to be held on April 20-24. was postponed to July 13-17.

This is the first extension of Hannover Messe in more than 70 years of history.

Since late February, the new crown pneumonia virus has shown an outbreak in Europe. The latest data show that the number of confirmed cases in Italy has increased to 3144. making it the second most affected country overseas after South Korea.

Due to the mobility of the EU due to the high degree of integration, European industrial powerhouses Germany and France have also confirmed 262 and 257 cases, respectively, the fifth and sixth largest epidemic countries overseas.

Previously, the epidemic has led to the cancellation of many public exhibitions such as the Barcelona Consumer Electronics Show, the Leipzig Book Fair, the Venice Carnival, and the Geneva Motor Show.

Due to the critical economic significance of the Hannover Messe for the local area, the exhibitors finally chose to postpone it rather than conservatively rather than cancel it altogether.

The Hannover Messe attracts an average of 6.000 industrial companies from more than 70 countries and more than 200.000 visitors each year. Over the past few years, Hannover Messe has been setting industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing as the background to show the world's latest digital and automation technologies in the industry.

Following the theme of Industrial Intelligence last year, the subject of this year's exhibition has been determined as Industrial Transformation. It will focus on the three essential digitalization contents, personalization, and environmental protection during the industrial transformation process.

Except for the industrial exhibition, almost all European industrial fields, including the bearing industry, have suffered the negative impact of the epidemic. Still, SPARK bearings are stepping up to resume production and stepping through difficult times.

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