A Special Cobalt-Chromium-Molybdenum Alloy

wallpapers Technology 2020-11-18
Bright platinum is a special cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy (CoCrMo), also known as C gold. "C" is derived from the "C" in CoCrMo alloy "Co,Cr", and is mainly used as a material for jewelry products such as rings.
Introduction to the characteristics of bright platinum ingredients
Bright platinum material C gold is a high-tech patented alloy, which is an innovation based on the high-end dental material CoCrMo alloy. Co-Cr-Mo alloy with weight percentage of Co55%, Cr29%, Mo9% can be called C gold.
C gold has super high wear resistance and super corrosion resistance, and its similarity to platinum is 99%; it is hailed as "the most fashionable jewelry alloy", "bright platinum", and "an upgraded substitute material for platinum" by the jewelry industry.
◆Never allergic to wear
The traditional Co-Cr-Mo alloy is a dental material, and it is the best biocompatible material in contact with the human body in the medical field; C gold retains and strengthens this inherent natural environmental protection Features: No electroplating treatment, the overall C gold made of Platinum TM jewelry, through the authoritative inspection of the National Jewelry Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the nickel release is much lower than the EU standard: EN1811:2011 requires less than 0.5μg/cm2/week, The actual content is less than 0.1μg/cm2/week; long-term wear of Bozhong TM jewelry will never be allergic.

◆Platinum luster lasts forever
The color index L, a, b, c value of platinum TM jewelry is almost the same as platinum; the material is pure and dense, long-term wearing platinum TM jewelry, does not oxidize and does not change color; let time pass, platinum The platinum-like luster of TM jewelry is always the same.
◆Excellent anti-scratch performance
Platinum TM jewelry hardness HRC42, in the best hardness range of jewelry (HRC40-45), it is 8 times that of pure platinum and 4 times that of the hardest platinum alloy Pt950. The ultra-high wear resistance of PlatinumTM jewelry can fully meet the wearing requirements, and make up for the possibility of pure platinum and platinum alloys that are easy to deform and scratch; at the same time, it avoids the possibility of cracking and fragility caused by excessive hardness and the need to damage the jewelry Difficulties in time (e.g. finger congestion and other unexpected situations).