Nanotechnology-Human new technological revolution

High-tech, nanotechnology was developed in the 1980s. Nanotechnology's primary purpose is to analyze the properties of matter within the nanometer range. It also allows for the creation of new substances via the direct manipulation and arrangement atoms or molecules. With the advent of nanotechnology, human cognition expanded at the molecular and atomic levels. This is the dawn of a new age in science and technology: the nanotechnology era. A science and technology that is built on modern science and technology, nanotechnology. The combination of contemporary science (quantum mechanics, molecular Biology) and modern technology (microelectronics. High-resolution microscopy. and thermal analysis) is what nanotechnology is. Product. Nanotechnology has penetrated into various fields of modern science and technology, and has formed many new researches related to nanotechnology, such as nanophysics, nanochemistry, nanomaterials, nanobiology,nanoelectronics, nanofabrication, and nanomechanics. Nanotechnology is made up of all these.
The steam engine, symbolizing the first industrial revolution in 18th-century England, marked the beginning of modern millimeter tech. It enabled humanity to transition into an industrial era that replaced manpower by machines. Microelectronics, which was the hallmark micron technology applications in the 20th Century, marked the beginning of the second industrial revolution. It enabled people to access a new era of communication and computer networks. In the 21st Century, it is likely that nanotechnology and the science behind it will lead to a third industrial revolution for mankind.
Although nanotechnology is able to create many new substances, materials and products for people, the technology will make profound improvements in our cognitive thinking. Take electronic technology for example. Microelectronics was a key component of human development in the micron era. But, today, it is no longer the case. The positive effect of electronics devices has been decreased to nanometers, and single molecules. It is impossible to underestimate the importance of electronic technology.

As the foundation of the future of nanotechnology, the nanomaterials will be the main research object. There are three main types of nanomaterials:

  1. Zero dimension. This refers to three-dimensional space dimensions at nanometer scale. These include nanoscale particles and clusters.
  2. One-dimensional. This refers to space in two dimensions, at nanometer scale.
  3. Two-dimensional. One dimension refers to the micrometer-scale in three-dimensional space. This could be ultra-thin, multilayer, or superlattice films, for example.
The new knowledge of nanotechnology's material field is undoubtedly driving a technological revolution. Initial demonstrations of nanotechnology have been made in areas such as new materials and new energy. However, nanotechnology cannot be considered isolated. This involves many disciplines including materials science, quantum mechanics, quantum mechanics, colloidal and physical chemistry as well as biochemistry and condensed matter Physics. It is possible to master nanotechnology and understand nanoscience better by integrating disciplines.

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