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Small structures: application of platelet membrane encapsulated nanoparticles in targeted drug delivery

wallpapers Cruise 2020-11-02

platelet is a kind of blood cell. There are many different components on the surface of its cell membrane such as glycoprotein receptor cell adhesion molecule so on. These components give platelets the ability to interact with a variety of pathogenic biological substrates such as damaged blood vessels tumor cells invasive pathogenic bacteria. These characteristics of platelets inspire researchers to use bionic concept to develop drug delivery carriers that mimic their behavior to achieve targeted drug delivery for disease sites. In recent years the new technology of platelet encapsulation based on nano membrane has attracted the attention of researchers. The synthetic method of this kind of nanomedicine is to wrap the extracted natural platelet cell membrane on the surface of synthetic nanoparticles. This "top-down" design enables the platelet membrane coated nanoparticles (PNP) to inherit the various components of the original cell membrane thus having the ability to target a variety of disease sites. This kind of targeting includes passive active targeting. Passive targeting is due to the presence of autoantigen on the surface of PNP such as CD47 which can escape the clearance of immune system prolong the circulation time in the body promote the accumulation of drugs to the site of disease. In addition a variety of receptors on the surface of PNP can directly interact with specific components of the disease site. For example the cell adhesion molecule P-selectin on the surface of PNP can specifically recognize the corresponding ligs on the surface of tumor cells. These interactions give PNP the ability to actively target tumor. These multiple targeting capabilities of PNPs make them have good potential as drug delivery carriers to treat different diseases.

recently Professor Zhang LiangFang's team from the University of California San Diego systematically summarized the research progress of PNP in the field of targeted drug delivery.

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