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Introduction to Titanium Carbide TiC Powder

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Introduction to Titanium Carbide TiC Powder

Titanium carbide, also known as TiC is a typical transition metal carbide having a NaCl type cubic structure. It has a high melting point, hardness as well as a very high Young's permeability, excellent Chemical stability, Wear resistance and corrosion resistance, as well as good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. This means it can be used in a wide range of applications and great potential in cutting tools, aerospace components, the foam ceramics and coatings that resist wear, and infrared radiation ceramics materials.

Applications of Titanium Carbide TiC Powder

1. Utilized to create various multiphase materials

Titanium carbide ceramics belong to the super-hard tooling materials TiC and TiN including WC, TiN, along with other raw materials made of various multiphase ceramic materials These materials possess a great melting rate, high hardness, excellent chemical stability, is the most popular material for cutting tools, wear-resistant and other parts as well as they offer excellent electrical conductivity and is the most commonly used material for electrodes.

Cutting tool material: Because of a percentage of TiC dispersion of hard-particles in the matrix, the cutters made from composites are not just enhance the hardness and strength, but also to certain extent, improve the toughness of fractures, which is higher than that of pure tool cutting. Cutting performance is a lot. A12o3-tic system ceramics may also serve as armoring materials. as a tool material the toughness is more than (C, N), and Ti(C, N) because of N to help it work on steel, and other cutting materials, the friction coefficient is greatly reduced. It has many advantages when cutting. By combining the advantages Ti and (C N, C) to form multiphase ceramics, a promising tool material can be created.

2. Used as coating materials

Diamond coating: The production process for diamond tools follows typically the impregnation of powder metal using the method. Due to the high the interfacial force between diamond and common metal or alloy, the diamond surface cannot be affected by any alloy or metal that has a low melting and the bonding performance is not as good. In recent years, many researchers have conducted a great deal of work on improving the strength of bonds between diamond and metal matrix. The method that is active is the one most frequently used and involves adding tiny amounts of titanium to metal bond, vanadium, chromium, as well as other active metals. When used for sintering in liquid phase that is active. It is high carbon compounds are the basis of elements, and the diamond affinity is significant, and easy to enhance the diamond's surface and thereby achieving the metallurgical bond of diamond and metal bond. However, the strength of an interface is affected by the amount of active metal, sintering temp in addition to other variables. This requires to dissolve the binder in order to enhance the activity of the metal to the interface due to the fact that this method is not suitable for the hot pressing sintering of the diamond and metal powder in a relatively short solid phase.

3. The foam ceramics are used to prepare

A filter, ceramics effectively removes inclusions within all sorts of fluids and their filtration method is Adsorption and agitation. The filter must be chemically solidity of the substance, especially in the metallurgical process using a high melting filter, so this kind of material can be used to remove oxide in the majorityof cases, and also adapts to the filter of the metal melt, which is the main objective with respect to resistance against thermal shock. Titanium carbide foam clays have stronger strength, harderness heat and electrical conductivity, as well as resistance to heat and corrosion more than oxide-based foam ceramics.

4. For use in infrared radiation materials

Titanium carbide is a type of intermetallic compoundthat has generally shows good chemical stability with no changes in valence state and, when the system is in the process of high-temperature reduction in the production of specimens, the titanium ions can show delay that appear, with the intention of melt into the cordierite structure , and changing the structure. Comparing to a single-material, the radiation performance of the substance near 3tma is significantly improved, and is conducive to the application in the field of high temperature.

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