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Purpose of weighing animals and application of alpaca weighing scales

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Animal measuring is one of the most important tasks in farm management. If you are a farmer, you should appreciate the importance of staying up-to-date with all facts about individual animals. A livestock scale is a critical tool if you are looking to optimize the performance of your animals.

Whether you are in small-scale livestock farming or large-scale dairies, the benefits that come with measuring the weight of your animals cannot be understated.

The why of weighing

Like any other business, dairy production is a capital-intensive investment. You need to save in your operations to enjoy good return on investment.

If you are not weighing your animals, you are losing out on invaluable data that can be used to enhance your operations. Here are some practical benefits of weighing your livestock:

1. Monitoring animal health

One of the toughest aspects of livestock farming is maintaining healthy animals. However, if you invest in a livestock scale, it becomes easy to monitor the health of your animals by checking for any sudden weight loss.

If your cows are losing weight rapidly, it is important to notify a veterinarian to avert dangerous diseases that can wipe out your herd. When such a disease is treated on time, you can prevent its spread to the other animals.

2. Breeding purposes

Making breeding decisions is a tough call for any dairy, as these decisions should be based on the health of the herd. By weighing the animals, you will easily identify the optimal time to breed, which will prevent complications in future. With the weight data collected, you are in a better position to make a solid decision that guarantees healthier calves in your herd.

3. Measure feed consumption

To guarantee a healthy herd, ensure that you constantly weigh your farm animals. The data you collect is invaluable in herd management. You will know when to increase or reduce feed. The information collected can also be used by the veterinarian to propose any change in diet or recommend more nutrients.

When you have the right feed conversion rate, you will come up with the right food portions to help you achieve particular growth rates within a set period of time.

4. Picking the weaning time

It is crucial to include your calves in weight measuring. Making the decision on weaning determines how well calves are integrated into the herd. More importantly, you can predict future growth of the calf by analyzing the data and looking at the performance graph. Such data is important in determining the performance of your herd.

5. Evaluate breeding performance

When you are regularly weighing your animals, it is easy to determine the right breed for your farm. Breeds that are constantly adding weight are preferable for breeding as they guarantee better return on investment and healthier calves.

Genetic selection is also easier when you have collected weight data. You can, for instance, decide to produce a cross-breed of the best animals based on the weighing data you have collected over the years.

Using livestock scales helps optimize your herd. If there are underperforming animals in the herd, they can be pulled out to ensure that you only have the best crop. The modern livestock scale is easier to use, animal-friendly, and your animals will not be resistant to its use.

If you are looking for the best return on investment for your business, it is time to start weighing your animals.

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Advantages of alpaca weighing scales

The alpaca weighing scales can not only achieve automatic cluster management according to the weight data but also monitor the change and trend of animal weight, realize fine breeding, reduce workforce and improve the efficiency of daily work management; In the face of the increasing gap between meat supply and demand, we can effectively achieve incremental breeding and steadily increase benefits.

In terms of animal protection, the alpaca weighing scales can be used to carry out ear tag wearing, medication, epidemic prevention, and treatment for animals in Baoding District to reduce the difficulty of daily work, such as management, fetal supervision, midwifery, and other work.

Typical application scenarios of alpaca weighing scales: information management of medium and large-scale pastures and animal husbandry applications of beef cattle, cows, calves, sheep, etc.

The trend of alpaca weighing scales

Digital smart pasture is the main trend of future pasture development. Some large animal husbandry companies have invested in and developed alpaca weighing scales and face recognition software for animals. Through a continuous collection of animal facial data, we can observe the changes in animal health and behavior. AI recognition technology can play a huge role in wildlife protection, animal disease warning, video tracing, animal/pet loss, and other aspects. In the future, it will also be applied to smart farms to monitor the health of cattle and sheep. With the support of big data, animal husbandry enterprises can monitor the food and water intake and behavior patterns of cattle and sheep, providing a more accurate scientific basis for precision breeding.

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things technology and communication technology, through the installation of intelligent terminals with sensors, such as alpaca weighing scales, the farm environment data will be transmitted to the cloud and presented on mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc., forming a large-scale and digital management means to further guide livestock production and solve the challenges faced in practical applications.

The combination of blockchain and smart pasture will promote food safety traceability to a new stage. The decentralized, asymmetric encryption algorithm, data tamper-proof, and other features of the blockchain will better realize the traceability of food at the source level, ensure the traceability of every link of the livestock industry chain from pasture to table, and improve the service and experience for consumers.

The combination of automatic feeding, alpaca weighing scales, and other technologies with intelligent breeding technology will accelerate the process of intelligent precision breeding. The big data of breeding environment monitoring will provide an important decision-making basis for precision breeding, such as basic information of livestock, amount of exercise, breeding information, environmental temperature, and humidity, and realize intelligent precision health management, accurate prediction of estrus, automatic supplementary feeding, pasture management, etc.

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