What Powder is Used for Metal 3D Printing

What is the most common powder used to Print Metal 3D?

Flowability: A key characteristic for metal powder is the potential to be flowable through a 3D printer. Metals with better flowability can be more easily controlled and produce better quality products and layers. In addition, they are less likely to make items with uneven layers. The higher flowability of metal powder implies that it is easier to produce a metal 3D item.

Stainless steel 316L powder

Steel 316L powder made of stainless steel has been extensively studied for its effect on AM. It's a representative alloy and therefore results can be applied to other alloys. The distribution of the size of the powder as determined by 4S methodology is 9.43 mm. The particle shape factor (PSF) is close to one. The properties of the powder are described in Table 1.


The most widely used metal alloy used during 3D printing process is called titanium. It is a remarkably strong and durable metal ideal for creating functional parts prototypes, parts, and other products for aerospace, military automobile, and aerospace applications. Titanium is biocompatible, and is typically used for medical implants.

The advantages in titanium-based powders are many, and the material has gained popularity in additive manufacturing. It's close to half what the mass of steel and its unique characteristics allow it to be a suitable material in 3D printing. Titanium is light, heat-resistant also chemically resistant and is biocompatible. With its numerous qualities, it is especially beneficial in aerospace and motor vehicle applications when the size of an object is essential.


Niobium Powder is an ideal material for 3D printing with metal because it is bio-inert and simple to process. In additive manufacturing, it is used to create niobium and niobium alloys which can be used for aerospace components and engines. This is known as"laser-based (or laser) powder bedfusion (also known as SLM), and it employs a laser that is used to selectively melt the powder , resulting in metals.

Niobium is a chemically identical metal to tantalum and their melting points are similar. They also share the same electrical and thermal conductivity. These attributes make them perfect when it comes to processing chemicals. In fact, they are utilized in the production of capacitors and many other electronic devices.

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