Metal Alloy 99.95% Purity Molybdenum Wires

About Metal Alloy 99.95% High Purity Molybdenum Wire:Properties: high tensile strength, high surface finish, good electrical conductivity, good stability, high cutting precision, small elongation.Appl...…


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Tungsten Oxide WO3 Powder CAS 1314-35-8

Item No.: TR-WO3 Tungsten trioxide, yellow powder. Insoluble in water, soluble in alkali, slightly soluble in acid. Used for making high melting point alloy and hard alloy, tungsten wire and fireproof material.Color: yellow, purple, bluePart…


Calcium Stearate Emulsion Calcium Stearate Dispersions

Item No.: TR- Ca01 Calcium stearate liquid refers to water-based calcium stearate, also known as calcium stearate emulsion, which is widely used in industrial fields.Solid Content: 50%…


Titanium Oxide TiO2 powder CAS 13464-67-7

Item No.: TR-TiO2 Titanium dioxide chemical formula: TiO2, white powder, non-toxic, best opacity, best whiteness and brightness, is considered to be the best white pigment in the world today.Purity: 99.5%Particle size: 5nm-50nm…

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