What is Mobile/Portable EV Charger?

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What is Mobile/Portable EV Charger?
Mobile EV Chargers are battery-powered, providing powerful charging without the need for complex infrastructure. EV drivers can charge up anywhere, away from home or charging stations. 
How does a Mobile/Portable EV Charger work?
Mobile EV charger provides an alternative solution to the traditional fixed charging infrastructure: instead of letting the EV drivers look for charging stations, the mobile charger comes to the vehicle to charge it. 
Features of Mobile/Portable EV Charger
High efficiency: Mobile EV charger allows for immediate deployment and charging;
No infrastructure: Mobile EV charger doesn’t require installation and without traditional fixed charging infrastructure;
Easy operation;
High flexibility;
Advantages of Mobile/Portable EV Charger
A mobile EV charger that can be quickly deployed to meet growing electric vehicle demand with no additional fixed infrastructure.
To use a mobile EV charger, the cost and complexity of the charging infrastructure can be significantly reduced, especially for restricted parking areas. Mobile EV charger provides a promising charging solution especially for corporate and fleet customers to avoid high upfront cost of installing fixed charging infrastructure. It also provides a flexible charging solution for big events where there is no fixed charging infrastructure for temporary charging.
Applications of Mobile/Portable EV Charger
Emergency service
Activity/Big events
Tour Bus
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