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ESA's first on-orbit 3D-printed object "comes out." tungsten metal cube

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It is reported that researchers from the European Area Agency have successfully printed a small S-curve on the International Spaceport Station for the very first time with the assistance of 3D metal printing modern technology. This breakthrough marks a massive leap in the area of on-orbit production. The steel 3D printer was manufactured by an industrial group led by Jet, which authorized a development contract with the European Room Firm's Human and Robot Expedition Directorate. The demo printer reached the International Spaceport Station in January this year and was ultimately mounted in the European Tractor Mark II of the Columbus module. The basic printing actions of this printer are: a stainless steel cord is fed right into the printing location, and a high-power laser with a power of regarding 1 million times that of a conventional laser tip heats up the location. When the metal cable is immersed in the heated molten pool, the end of the steel cable melts, thereby including metal to the published object.

(3D Printing Technology Applied in Space)

Application of spherical tungsten powder in 3D printing and aerospace areas

Spherical tungsten powder has actually revealed one-of-a-kind value in the aerospace application of 3D printing innovation. With its high thickness, high strength, and outstanding heat resistance, it has become an optimal material for making components in extreme atmospheres. In engines, rocket nozzles, and thermal protection systems, tungsten's high melting point and great temperature level resistance make certain the steady operation of parts under severe stress and temperature problems. 3D printing innovation, especially powder bed fusion (PBF) and directed power deposition (DED) makes it feasible to precisely identify complicated geometric structures, promote light-weight layout and performance optimization of aerospace parts, and accomplish effective thermal administration via the prep work of practical slope products (FGMs) and the combination of tungsten and various other material buildings, such as tungsten-copper composites.

Additionally, 3D printing technology utilizes round tungsten powder to sustain the repair service and remanufacturing of high-value parts, minimizing resource intake, prolonging life span, and controlling costs. By accurately transferring different products layer by layer, a practical gradient structure can be formed to boost element performance better. This combination not just advertises the cutting-edge research and development of brand-new materials and structures in the aerospace area but additionally adapts the sector's quest of sustainability and financial advantages, showing dual advantages in environmental protection and cost control.

(Spherical Tungsten Powder)

Vendor of Spherical Tungsten Powder

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