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What are the factors causing motor bearing damage?


What are the factors causing motor bearing damage?

1. There are cracks and spalling on the inner and outer rings, balls and bearings of bearings. This is caused by improper mating between the bearing and the rotating shaft and the rigid sleeve.

2. The ball, clamp, shaft ring and other parts of the bearing turn blue, and the high-speed operation adjustment does not dissipate heat, resulting in thermal oxidation of the parts and serious oil shortage.

3. Concave bead marks appear in the raceway, and adjacent holes are uneven. This is due to the strict prohibition of equipment or hammer directly hit the outer ring of the bearing, the transmission belt is too tight, and the coupling equipment is different.

4. The air gap between the motor rotor and stator is very small, forming serious impact marks. It is caused by the thermal deformation of the rotor core, which leads to the conflict between stator and rotor. As the rotor rotates, it interferes with the bottom of the stator core, increasing the bearing load.

5. The metal of the bearing raceway falls off into flake or granular fragments and falls off from the raceway surface, which is caused by the fatigue of the bearing metal material.

6. Bearing corrosion and pitting are caused by water vapor, acid and alkali intrusion into the bearing interior due to imperfect sealing or the use of unqualified smooth grease.

7. Bearing wear is too fast and premature aging may be caused by dust, sand, metal particles and other impurities invading the bearing and accelerating bearing wear. In addition, it may also be caused by the lack of oil in the bearing and the wrong type of grease used, long-term overload operation, poor protection and poor quality of the bearing itself.

8. Aging of the bearing itself. The general rule is heavy operation 10000 hours, a medium operation 15000 hours, a light operation 20000 hours. Consider replacing new bearings to ensure safe operation.

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